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More than 50% of MAPFRE’s internal promotions and new jobs in 2023 were women

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  • The insurance company has now reached parity on the board of directors (46.7%) and is closer to achieving it in positions of responsibility (42.5%).

MAPFRE believes that many steps have been taken, but that further progress is needed to more quickly put an end to the historical inequalities that have come down from the past. “Corporate responsibility is not only based on contributing to the economic progress of its stakeholders, but also to the transformation of society, to reduce those inequality gaps that have a major impact on social and economic progress”, says Juan Carlos Rondeau, general manager of MAPFRE’s Corporate People and Organization Area.

This is one of the messages with which MAPFRE is joining International Women’s Day, held on March 8, and which it will disseminate through the #JuntosCerramosBrechas campaign, with which it advocates a strategy of more quickly ending all types of gaps and promoting female talent globally.

Of MAPFRE’s 31,000 employees worldwide, more than half (55.4%) are women. On the Board of Directors, besides the president, the company now has an equal number of seven male and seven female directors; 42.5% of senior positions are now held by female talent; and its female employees are more than half of the internal promotions (50.8%) and new hires (54.8%) in 2023. 

In relation to the salary gap, inherited from the past, the company has improved the planned objective of placing it at +/-1%, reaching 0.9 at the end of 2023. 

Fourth Equality Plan

Since 2010, the company has had a Diversity and Equal Opportunities Policy that enables the company to progress and fulfill its commitments in this area, such as continuing to increase the percentage of women in management positions, which is currently 33.1%. 

Its latest Equality Plan, which came into force last year and will be in force until March 2027, incorporated new features with respect to creating an action protocol for the prevention of sexual and gender-based harassment; the company’s commitment to continue with training and awareness-raising on equality and bias; and the creation of a specific section with measures for victims of gender-based violence, among others.

STEM professions

Over the years, MAPFRE has implemented specific actions that promote the role of women in the company, including the establishment of the Women’s Leadership Networks in several countries, which aims to promote effective equality between women and men and raise the presence of women in job positions of responsibility.

MAPFRE also organizes workshops and internal meetings for women that seek to identify key aspects that favor their professional promotion, and supports initiatives such as ClosinGap and, among others, #ChicasImparables (Unstoppable Girls), a “leadership route” aimed at young people aged between 15 and 18 in Spain that develops leadership and entrepreneurship skills.