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INNOVATION | 18.11.2022

MAPFRE wins at the Cionet Vocento Awards for its AI-driven automatic vehicle damage verification solution

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The IRIS project, developed together with Germany-based ControlExpert, enables customers to activate insurance for a pre-owned vehicle without the intervention of an agent or assessor

When a customer buys a used vehicle, any existing damage must be assessed before the related insurance policy can be activated. Thanks to the IRIS project, the vehicle can be verified automatically and in real time using images taken by the customer with their cell phone, which facilitates instant activation of the policy. The solution, developed by MAPFRE and the company ControlExpert, uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze images without the need for human intervention. The company partnered with the leading German provider of AI technology services for the insurance market, which has trained the algorithm with more than 60,000 images provided by the insurer, enabling it to deliver accuracy levels of greater than 98%. 

The CIONET Vocento 2022 Awards have recognized the pioneering initiative in Spain, which is already being rolled out to numerous Latin American countries where MAPFRE operates. In Spain and Colombia alone, the solution is set to benefit more than 500,000 customers each year. Deployment to Chile and Peru is in the works for the near future. 

During the awards ceremony, Pedro Sacristán, automation manager at MAPFRE, highlighted the complexity and ambition of the project, which involved implementing state-of-the-art deep learning technology in a critical process for both the company and the customer. “This project falls under MAPFRE’s transformation strategy, where AI-powered automation is a high priority,” said Sacristán, recognizing the effort of the multidisciplinary team behind the project, who were “key to the success of this initiative.” 

AI and the intensive use of data are two of the pillars of MAPFRE’s transformation plans, in that they contribute to substantially improving the customer experience while optimizing costs associated with mission-critical processes. On the IRIS project, AI complements the work carried out by assessors, freeing them up to focus on the most complex cases. 

The CIONET Vocento Awards is a unique opportunity to bring the main digital players and their respective teams together to recognize the very best projects in digital transformation. 

MAPFRE Open Innovation (MOi) is the company’s strategic commitment to promote customer-focused transformation through alliances and by leveraging emerging technologies that produce positive impacts for our business and for society. Led by Group Chief Innovation Officer, José Antonio Arias, MOi is a global model comprising teams across all Group companies and geographies. All MOi initiatives deploy under a single indicator that measures how many customers benefit from our innovations. To date, that number is more than 1.6 million people. 

ControlExpert rethinks every old process and is always seeking new ways to meaningfully integrate the latest technologies, such as artificial intelligence, into existing processes. The team has been working on the digitalization of claims processes for 20 years now. You could say that digitalization is in the company’s DNA. All this time, ControlExpert has been pursuing a vision: that every car driver in the entire world receives fair compensation on the day their car damage claim is made.  


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