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Madrid 1,861 EUR -0,01 (-0,59 %)

MAPFRE Open Innovation


New report by Dealroom, Mundi Ventures, NN group and MAPFRE shows that insurtech funding has slightly cooled off, mostly at late stage, but early innovation is stronger than ever.

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We want our reports to turn exploration into conversation, ideas into strategies and be part of the change.

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We innovate for our customers 

At MAPFRE Open Innovation, we use partnerships with other stakeholders and emerging technologies to create a positive impact on people, our business, and society. More than 1.5 million clients have already benefited from innovations driven by MAPFRE Open Innovation

Innovation is movement. For MAPFRE, innovation is helping our clients to achieve their goals, offering an agile, friendly, human, and quality experience

We innovate so that you can move your way, embracing new models of urban, personal and sustainable mobility.

We innovate so that you can live longer and better, with solutions that enrich your quality of life at any age and allow you to take care of your health wherever you are.

We innovate so that you can benefit from the latest technologies to protect your loved ones and everything you care about, in the physical and virtual world.

We innovate to better understand climate change, reduce its causes and protect you from its consequences.

In short, we innovate for a better present that will lead to the future we deserve

How do we innovate at MAPFRE?

MAPFRE + Control Expert

Automatic verification of vechicle damage in real time when taking out insurance cover in Spain, thanks to a pioneering deep learning algorithm.

MAPFRE Costa Rica + Koa Health

We drive access to mental health through science-backed digital therapies while fighting the stigma that prevents thousands of people from accessing the care they need. 

AERIAL and MAPFRE join forces to care for our elderly

Both companies are working on a non-invasive solution that discreetly accompanies elderly persons as they move about their place of residence.


A joint research project to develop the first fully self-driving electric vehicle at Universidad Carlos III in Madrid

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Innovation news highlights 

An A-Z of innovation in the insurance sector 

A dictionary in which you will find MAPFRE’s vision regarding the main terms of the Insurtech world, innovation, and emerging technologies.

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