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FINANCE | 06.03.2020

COVID-19: The catalyst for a more sustainable future?

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In this article from the specialist British publication Insurance Day, the Chairman and CEO of MAPFRE, Antonio Huertas reflects on the alternative route opened up by COVID-19, paving the way for us to do things differently when it comes to climate change — a point that was already top of the agenda before the pandemic took hold.

It’s time for decision-makers to act, and the insurance industry is no exception, and according to Huertas, an extraordinary situation like the one the whole world is currently experiencing can act as a catalyst for us to secure a better and more sustainable future.

The Chairman and CEO of MAPFRE calls for a serious commitment to reducing emissions in a framework of sustainability and corporate social responsibility, which must be supported by concrete actions.

“Insurers must not only appear sustainable, but actually be sustainable, providing transparent information on the issue and accepting accountability,” he explains.


MAPFRE continues to boost its commitment to sustainability. The company has announced that the operations of all MAPFRE companies based in Spain and Portugal will become carbon neutral in 2021, which represents a 61 percent decrease in emissions compared to the Group’s current levels.

It has also shared its public commitment to emissions neutrality with its aim of becoming a global carbon-neutral company by 2030. In addition, it has committed to stopping investment in electricity companies that earn over 30 percent of their revenue from coal-produced energy. And it will not insure the building of new coal-powered electricity plants or the operation of new coal mines.