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CORPORATE  | 19.01.2023

MAPFRE launches MAWDY, the new brand for its Assistance division

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  • The company will focus on Europe and Latin America, MAPFRE’s strategic markets where it has extensive experience and where it aspires to achieve leadership.
  • MAWDY Worldwide Digital Assistance is an insurance products and services company that builds digital solutions for its partners and customers.

MAPFRE’s Assistance division begins a new era in 2023, with a more digital focus and a geographical reorientation, and does so with the launch of a new brand that will give its name to the unit: MAWDY.

With an updated value proposition leveraged on its digital capabilities, the company aspires to become a strategic ally of its more than 600 corporate partners, providing solutions and services that complement its offerings and contribute to the innovation of its customer relationship.

“Today we embark upon a new era, and we do so with an image that consolidates our transformation. MAWDY reflects the innovative company that we are and projects to the large group to which we belong and to all our partners that we now have much more to offer them,” explained Leire Jiménez, CEO of MAWDY.

From MAPFRE Asistencia to MAWDY

MAPFRE Asistencia, founded in 1986, is the MAPFRE Group unit specialized in solutions and services that supplement insurance. Its portfolio includes, for example, roadside assistance, home, health or travel assistance, credit guarantee or protection programs and the protection of everyday goods. In addition to insurance, the MAPFRE Group’s Assistance Unit has specialized in designing solutions for the automotive, tourism, banking and finance, telecommunications and affinities sectors.

Over the course of the last few years, MAPFRE has undertaken a profound reorganization of MAPFRE Asistencia’s geographic footprint, products, channels and value proposition, which has resulted this year in the launch of MAWDY.

In this new era, MAWDY will focus on distribution agreements, through B2B and B2B2C channels, with a new value proposition based on what has been at the core of the unit’s transformation: digitalization.

Geographic reorientation

The company will focus its activity on MAPFRE’s strategic markets, mainly in Europe and Latin America, where it will contribute to one of the group’s objectives: to grow and become leaders in the countries where it already operates. MAWDY will be present in 23 countries, now with a more global identity after carrying out a unification of the brand in all markets in which it operates and with a centralized management model.

Digitalization and new value proposition

The use of new technological tools will allow greater adaptation to the needs of MAWDY partners, for example through progressive web apps (PWA), APIs to ensure agility in integrations or communications with customers through WhatsApp and other messaging platforms. The intensive use of data also takes on a key role by optimizing the segmentation and personalization of the offer to the end customer, which translates into a better user experience.

MAWDY is the MAPFRE Group’s assistance unit. Known as MAPFRE Asistencia until 2023, MAWDY is a global company operating in 23 countries, with a presence mainly in Latin America and Europe, and employing more than 2,000 people. MAWDY specializes in digital distribution models with partners and companies from various sectors, to which it provides services and solutions that go beyond insurance and supplement the offerings of its business partners. In 2021, the company had revenue of 560 million euros.