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Madrid 2,276 EUR 0,03 (+1,16 %)

Trust on the Road to Overcoming

We are launching a global campaign with TRUST at the center of transformation and overcoming, to emphasize the ability of people to advance in the face of adversity and fulfil their dreams. We tell true, inspiring stories that incite reflection on the importance of trusting ourselves to reach any goal, no matter how impossible it may seem.

“Trust is the most important attribute for the reputation of an insurance company, defining the relationship between the company and the customers. This campaign writes the word TRUST in capital letters to tell people that reaching impossible goals is within anyone’s reach. At MAPFRE, we protect you so that you can guide your life in the direction of your dreams.”

Fernando Garrido Tomé, MAPFRE Corporate Director of Image and Reputation

Stories of trust

Germán Madrazo, the Mexican who dreamed of being an Olympic skier without ever having put on a pair of skis

“We live to fight another day”

Luciana Tenorio, the Peruvian architect who dreamed of creating spaces to live on Mars

“To reach the place where most never go, you have to do what most never do”

Taking your life in a radically new direction to dedicate it to others. The story of Spaniard Óscar Pérez

“I gave up a life of comfort that didn’t fill me. It is important to ask yourself what success means to you”

Wendy Ida, her retirement plan was to set the Guinness World Record for fitness, without having practices sports in her life

“By working on your body, you can transform your mind and your life”

Designing the aircraft of the future before turning 25: the incredible story of Brazilian Sandro Salgueiro

“It doesn’t matter where you come from, nor what you know; the world of technology and science is full of learning opportunities”