Madrid 2,182 EUR 0,01 (0,46 %)
Madrid 2,182 EUR 0,01 (0,46 %)

Other presentatios

Here, you can find all other MAPFRE presentations from recent years.

(06.2018) Formalization MAPFRE – Banco do Brasil corporate reorganization presentation (PDF, 1MB)

(09.2017) Merrill Lynch “22nd Annual Financials CEO Conference” (PDF, 1,42MB)

(09.2014) Acquisition of Direct Line’s operations in Italy and Germany (PDF, 329KB)

(06.2010) Goldman Sachs European Financial Conference (PDF, 99KB)

(03.2010) Bancassurance agreement with CAIXA CATALUNYA (PDF, 104KB)

(06.2009) Goldman Sachs “European Financials Conference” (PDF, 145KB)

(10.2008) Merrill Lynch “Banking & Insurance CEO Conference” (PDF, 627KB)

(06.2008) Nomura “Spanish Investor Conference” (PDF, 400KB)

(06.2008) Goldman Sachs “European Financials Conference” (PDF, 373KB)

(01.2008) Cheuvreux “European & Asian Insurance Conference” (PDF, 215KB)

(12.2007) MAPFRE and CAJA MADRID deepen and strengthen their alliance (PDF, 72KB)

(12.2007) Société Générale Conference (PDF, 82KB)

(10.2007) Presentation Acquisition of Commerce (PDF, 133KB)

(10.2007) Conference “XXV Encuentro Intereuropeo de Reaseguros” (PDF, 153KB)

(10.2007) Merrill Lynch Conference (PDF, 191KB)

(07.2007) Debt Issuance – Presentation to fixed income investors (PDF, 219KB)

(06.2007) Goldman Sachs Financials Conference (PDF, 95KB)

(03.2007) An introduction to MAPFRE S.A. (PDF, 86KB)

(03.2007) Listing of new shares (PDF, 46KB)

(01.2007) Cheuvreux “European & Asian Conference” (PDF, 116KB)

(10.2006) Merrill Lynch “Banking & Insurance CEO Conference (PDF, 235KB)

(07.2006) Exchange ratio roadshow presentation (PDF, 163KB)

(06.2006) Valuation parameters and exchange ratio (PDF, 173KB)

(05.2006) Proposed Corporate Reorganisation of the MAPFRE group (PDF, 310KB)

(09.2005) II Santander Annual Iberian Conference in New York (PDF, 432KB)

(09.2005) An introduction to CORPORACIÓN MAPFRE (PDF, 752KB)

(06.2005) Goldman Sachs Conference “Navigating the Sea of Change” (PDF, 739KB)

(04.2005) Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards (PDF, 739KB)