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Playing our part

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Building a better, fairer, safer, more equal, more prosperous world is what sustainability is all about and what MAPFRE aims to achieve with #playingourpart, a concept targeting people and based on deeds and actions. It revolves around what each one of us can do, those thousands of small gestures that contribute to the common goal of protecting the planet and building a better today and tomorrow for everyone.

Expressing the essence of a commitment of nearly 90 years’ standing in a concise way was not easy, but it was imperative. We were searching for an informal, cheerful and optimistic slogan to create an emotional bond with employees, clients, shareholders and society at large. The aim was to stress that sustainability is a reality in which the company firmly believes and indeed, has been fostering for a long time, in order to help build a better present and future, always from the collective commitment standpoint.

Playing our part perfectly reflects that commitment we all share; namely to achieve our common goal of building a more sustainable world, one that is fairer, more prosperous, more ethical, more equal, more diverse, more collaborative and more ecological.

The maxim, which in Spanish translates as #lapartequenostoca, and in Portuguese is apartequenostoca, focuses on those global challenges that we can contribute to through individual action, the ones that must be tackled together as we enter this reconstruction phase. We are referring to climate change, the circular economy, inclusion and talent, especially as regards women and people with disabilities, financial and insurance education, socially responsible investment, the economics of aging, ethics, our social footprint and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It also conveys the notion that we cannot afford to be complacent; we can’t hide or shy away from the issue and we have to join in.

Three simple words translated into our corporate languages to form part of all future communications whereby MAPFRE will convey its strong social commitment, the concept that best defines it and which it exports to over 40 countries.