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Digitization is a key element in getting closer to the client

Marta Villalba

Carlos Villanueva

Director of the Operations Area Global Risks Unit

Marta Villalba

Cristina Criado

Assistant Director of the Operations Area Global Risks Unit

Efficiency, sustainability, cost reduction, productivity improvement and environmental protection are some of the concepts linked to new and more advanced ways of managing offices. In addition, the current situation involves matters such as mobile working, open spaces, artificial intelligence, automation, among others, all of which are being increasingly integrated into our everyday lives.

Digitization is a key element in moving forward in managing more agile operations that ultimately allow us to get closer to the client. In defining the MAPFRE Global Risks Strategic Plan for 2020, the GLOBAL RISKS SMART OFFICE or Paperless Office implementation was approved. In order to optimize operations and get closer to clients, this project has gained momentum and will be a reality before the end of the year. One of this initiative’s priority objectives is to streamline document management. This evolution is part of the change management, in which all MAPFRE business units are involved.

The Global Risks Unit already works with digital signatures, SharePoint, digital files, dual monitors, physical document clean-up, projects with brokers and digital certification clients, etc.

“Digitization is a key element in moving forward in managing more agile operations that allow us to get closer to the client and approach the environment in a more dynamic way.”

Removing physical files and cabinets from offices before the end of the year will allow for more space and optimization of the environment, as well as the full digitization of documentation along with digital deliveries and signatures in all cases. Guidelines will also be defined for making tables paperless. Desktop accessories will also change, printers will move into the background and physical files and bins will become irrelevant.

What do we stand to gain from all of this? Say goodbye to paper in the office. This not only reduces costs and benefits the environment, it also leads to improved productivity and reduced operational risk, since any document can be accessed from anywhere, as well as when working online, maintaining versions and updates by different work groups.

The full implementation of the GLOBAL RISKS SMART OFFICE, or Paperless Office, will allow us to continue to develop actions with the aim of mitigating risks, reducing costs, expanding spaces, bringing us closer to our clients more quickly and efficiently, taking care of our environment and continuing to offer the values of sustainability and good governance.