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Madrid 2,216 EUR -0,02 (-1,07 %)

SUSTANABILITY | 15.12.2020

“Catastrophic events are occurring more frequently and incurring higher costs than in the past”

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Introducing the first Conversation on Sustainability, which analyzes the connection between climate change and natural disasters and explains the role the insurance industry plays in protecting, compensating for and reducing the impact of catastrophic risks on society.

Hurricanes, droughts and flooding are just some of the consequences of climate change. Weather disasters have increased greatly in recent years and have devastating impacts on all countries, including the destruction of ecosystems, diseases, the endangering of species and economic instability.

In MAPFRE’s first Sustainability Dialog, Juan Satrústegui, Technical Director of Natural Perils at MAPFRE RE, and Mar Gómez, Chief Meteorologist at, discuss how global warming is favoring the emergence of a greater number of floods, heat waves and storms; how MAPFRE responds before and after a natural disaster and how we can all help to prevent these types of events.

Sustainability Dialogs” is part of #PlayingOurPart and aims to analyze and reflect, in a clear and simple way, some of the major sustainability concerns most connected to our business.