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INSURANCE| 13.04.2023

Higher accident risk after full moon nights?

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Data analysis of Verti Versicherung AG with surprising results.

Who does not know them, the numerous myths, stories and studies, which entwine themselves around the moon: It possesses the strength to affect oceans, to make hair healthier and stronger or even to change humans into werewolves – one believes the relevant literature. In addition, 40 percent of Germans describe themselves as “moon-sensitive” and suffer from insomnia when the moon is full. So what is there to the myth of the moon?

A study by Germany’s second-largest direct motor insurer, Verti Versicherung AG, sheds light on the subject and looks into the question of whether the full moon has an influence on driving ability – with surprising results!

850,000 data records from 2022 evaluated

Although there is of course no scientific evidence that the full moon has an influence on the ability to drive a vehicle, the Verti Versicherung AG has analyzed more than 850,000 data records from 2022. The results show that the risk of accidents on the day after a full moon is statistically higher than on “normal” days. The frequency of claims on “normal” days, the day of the full moon and the day after the full moon were examined.

The result: after full moon nights, claims reports to the Teltow-based company are two percent higher than on the other days.

Why does the full moon have such an impact on our lives?

There have been various studies on the subject of the full moon in the past, mostly in connection with the human sleep rhythm. However, it has not yet been scientifically proven that the moon influences this. Rather, experts assume that the brightness of the full moon is responsible for poor sleep. The reason: To fall asleep, the body needs the hormone melatonin. This is produced in darkness. On bright full moon nights, melatonin production and thus sleep could be disturbed. Could the full moon and its effects on sleep thus also have an influence on the accident rate?

Record number of accidents on May 20, 2022

Incidentally, the day with the highest number of accidents last year was May 20, 2022. Around 1000 claims were reported by Verti’s customers on this day. This meant that the accident volume was around ten times as high as on the two days with the highest number of accidents, December 4 and 25, 2022. However, it was not the waning moon at that time that was to blame, but the storm “Emmelinde”, which swept across Germany in May with thunderstorms and heavy rain.

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About Verti

Verti Versicherung AG is the second largest direct car insurance company in Germany. Founded in 1996, the company counts more than one million in-force policies. Verti employs about 500 employees at its headquarters in Teltow near Berlin and at its second site in Vaterstetten near Munich, which was newly established in 2018. Since 2015, Verti has been part of the MAPFRE Group and operated as Direct Line until 2017. MAPFRE is the largest Spanish-owned insurer in the world and the largest multinational insurance company in Latin America. Based on premium volume, MAPFRE ranks among the Top15 largest insurance groups in Europe. Verti is the global digital brand of MAPFRE. Since 2018, Verti has been the namesake of one of Europe’s most modern venues: the Verti Music Hall in Berlin.