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INNOVATION | 16.07.2021

Giraez, a cash-to-service solution for sending money between people in different countries, has won the Insurtech Lab from IE University and MAPFRE

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  • Giraez allows friends and relatives of people in other countries to receive remittances in the form of goods or services, with total control over the amount transferred and avoiding travel, excessive fees and security issues.
  • The winning team will become part of insur_space, MAPFRE’s fast-track-to-market program where, as well as receiving 30,000 euros to develop their project and become an established company, they will be given expert advice.

For people living and working outside their country, sending funds to their loved ones is often an expensive and tedious process to say the least. This is because of the fees applied and the need to identify a company that operates in both origin and destination countries. For those at the receiving end of the transfer, there can be a number of other problems, such as having to travel to another city to complete the transaction or the security problems that come with traveling with large amounts of cash. Thinking about these real needs—that go hand-in-hand with current lifestyles—and rising to the challenge of finding solutions to them, Gabriela Caso de los Cobos and Alfonso Javier Valín García (alumni of the IE Executive MBA — EMBA’20 and IE Masters in Corporate and Marketing Communication — MCM’18) took part in the first edition of Insurtech Lab from IE University and MAPFRE and won the award for their category, which was presented at IE Venture Day.

Giraez was conceived as a platform that allows migrant workers to directly buy services in their home country in a range of sectors, including food and catering, healthcare, education and mobility. In this way, Giraez is proposing a change in the concept of money transfers, offering to convert it directly into concrete solutions, such as a shopping basket or enrollment in a training program. This cash-to-service conversion system avoids complications such as loss of cash through fees or travel, which in addition to implying a cost in terms of time and money often also involve security problems. For the ideologists behind this solution, “Giraez can change the lives of many people. There’s nothing like it on the market. In the last few months, we got in touch with people who currently have these problems and would be delighted to have a solution like this. We have focused on the Latin American market first, but the model is scalable to other regions with the same needs.”

This year, with the support of MAPFRE, IE University’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation launched the Insurtech Lab program for the first time, which focused on innovation in the insurance industry. This award was open to students and alumni of this educational community and, of the 5 teams selected from nearly 200 candidates, and after 10 weeks of work, 3 projects were shortlisted: MyAllergeaze (intended for people with food allergies), Chido (a fintech solution to facilitate everyday spending needs) and Giraez. They were set the challenge of finding lifestyle solutions, through products or services that could respond to the needs associated with lifestyle changes, in line with the criteria of responsibility and sustainability that are written into the DNA of institutions like IE and MAPFRE.


Isabel Alcázar, Global Head of Sustainability at IE University, is clear that “it should never be a question of profitability versus sustainability. Today, sustainability is key to ensuring profitability, and our students understand that. That’s why the vast majority of the startups that entered incorporate ESG criteria into their business models.”

Allison Rohe, Executive Director of the IE Impact program, points out that “MAPFRE’s support of the program gives students and alumni the opportunity to explore and contribute to disruption in the world of insurance, a sector that is well prepared and also very much in need of ideas that anticipate future needs.”

For Joan Cuscó, Global Head of Transformation at MAPFRE, partnerships like the one with IE make it possible “to respond to the changing demands and new needs of users and, at the same time, fill the void between academia and the world of entrepreneurship.”

The winners of Insurtech Lab will join insur_space by MAPFRE (the company’s fast-track-to-market program for startups) and, as well as advice, will receive 30,000 euros with which to take the first steps in setting up their company and presenting a minimum viable product.

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