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Madrid 2,204 EUR -0,02 (-0,81 %)

HEALTH | 06.10.2020

Protective equipment for hospitals in Honduras

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Fundación MAPFRE has supported the health system in Honduras to help fight the pandemic and save lives.

Fundación MAPFRE recently approved a donation of 158,000 euros to install a mechanical ventilation and air conditioning system in four COVID-19 rooms at the National Cardiopulmonary Institute and Chest Hospital, which is located in the capital and has been designated as a referral center by the government during the crisis.

The system, which will become operational on June 15, will treat and filter the air in those rooms to prevent patients’ viral load from increasing and reduce the exposure of health personnel to the virus.

“This donation represents a significant project for the hospital, as it will not only be vital during the current crisis but it will also help to permanently improve the quality of care in the rooms,” said Raquel Riveros, CEO of MAPFRE HONDURAS.

Fundación MAPFRE also recently acquired personal protective equipment for doctors, which it donated to the Medical School at the María Hospital in Tegucigalpa and the Department of Health. The equipment consists of 27,000 scrub caps, 150,000 surgical masks, 27,180 KN95 face masks, a total of 1,580 face shields, 6,000 protective gloves, 1,250 boxes of latex gloves, 14,000 surgical gloves, 2,800 surgical gowns, 10,500 shoe covers, and 6,114 biosafety suits.