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Madrid 2,138 EUR -0,04 (-1,84 %)

HEALT | 05.13.2020

Italian healthcare system supported by Verti, thanks to Fundación MAPFRE

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The company is helping a number of Italian businesses, in recognition of their sacrifice and commitment to society during the COVID-19 crisis.

In an effort to address the requirements of phase 2 of the pandemic in Italy, Verti will be helping one of the country’s largest hospitals thanks to a considerable donation from Fundación MAPFRE:

San Gerardo hospital, in Monza, northern Italy. This hospital has provided over 500 beds for patients with COVID-19 and, since the pandemic began, its 4,300 employees have been performing vital and admirable work.

Verti has also helped the Casa di Riposo Beato Don Guanella, in Milan, a center that provides health and care assistance (currently accommodating some 130 COVID-19 patients). Verti has also financed medical equipment to expedite recovery for the most severe cases, to help prevent illness and to protect those most at risk.

The company recently stressed that, with these actions, they are helping those “on the front line,” those “fighting the hardest” and those who are saving lives. “In the midst of this battle, which is affecting us all, we have chosen institutions like San Gerardo Hospital, as a way to thank them for their continued contribution and commitment to society.”