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HEALTH | 05.13.2020

A friendly voice and a million euros to support the most vulnerable in Mexico

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As part of its international grant action plan to provide support during the pandemic, Fundación MAPFRE has implemented the “A Friendly Voice” initiative in Mexico, with the aim of providing close and human telephone support to older people who feel alone in care facilities or at home.

The project connects volunteers – more than 65 have registered so far – with people who cannot receive face-to-face visits, thus helping them feel listened to and to maintain an emotional bond, as well as to facilitate cultural exchange through reading, music, crafts, or the mutual teaching of recipes.

This initiative is in addition to the donation of more than one million euros (25 million Mexican pesos) that the company has allocated in Mexico to distribute medical protection and prevention equipment.



Fundación MAPFRE will also send cleaning and protective materials, such as antibacterial gel, hand soap, bleach, masks, and gloves, for workers at eight institutions in different cities around the country (Mexico City, Guadalajara, Matamoros, Monterrey, Puebla, Querétaro, and Tijuana). These materials will help maintain a clean environment and prevent the possibility of infection within the facilities.

Fundación MAPFRE continues to support Mexican society and, in addition to emphasizing the importance of prevention, contributes to raising awareness of the needs of vulnerable groups that are affected daily by the COVID-19 pandemic.