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HEALTH | 05.06.2020

Malta: 100,000 masks for solidarity

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Fundación MAPFRE has donated 100,000 facemasks addressing medical professionals and first responders fighting the pandemic in Malta. Felipe Navarro, Fundación MAPFRE’s highest representative in the country, accompanied by MAPFRE Middlesea Chairman Martin Galea, presented the donation to Deputy Prime Minister the Hon. Chris Fearne and Ing. Karl Farrugia from the Ministry of Health.

This initiative forms part of a global program whereby Fundación MAPFRE has allocated a budget of €35 million to support a range of urgent medical and community needs in 27 countries around the world.

MAPFRE Malta CEO Felipe Navarro stated that “We recognise that these uncertain times have created unique challenges for all of us. This pandemic is generating hardships for millions around the world, and stretching the resources of countries of all sizes. However, we do see a silver lining in all this to be of service to the most vulnerable. We see an opportunity for solidarity and giving something back to the local community, hence the contribution of the face masks by Fundación MAPFRE.”

Galea also praised the role of the Minister of Health and the Superintendent Prof. Chairman Gauci for the leadership, and the courage and strength of all those involved in managing this crisis. “We are stronger together in times of crisis”, he concluded.