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COMMITMENT | 17.09.2020

Extra medical and protective equipment for hospitals in Honduras

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Fundación MAPFRE continues to ramp up the number of donations in Honduras for better equipment at two large hospitals. To date, the foundation has donated a total of 637,143 euros.

Since the start of the pandemic in Honduras, Fundación MAPFRE has consistently sought to protect the health and safety of the country’s citizens, especially the hardest hit. The foundation has also supported the Honduran health system and its professionals by providing them with the resources needed to fight the pandemic and save lives.

A seventh donation recently made by Fundación MAPFRE—of 1.9 million lempiras (65,156 euros)—will be used to purchase medical equipment for the COVID Room at the Leonardo Martínez Hospital in San Pedro Sula, a city in the north of the country. The aim is to both improve the supply of high-flow ventilators, hospital beds and infusion pumps, among other things, and care for infected health workers and their families.

The foundation also recently attended the opening of the new Stabilization and Intermediate Care Center at the Hospital Escuela Universitario, Honduras’s main public hospital care center, located in Tegucigalpa. It was thanks to donations from the country’s main insurance companies—MAPFRE included—of 3.4 million lempiras that this new space could be created. The space includes air-conditioned facilities, oxygen supply for 40 COVID patients, hydro-sanitary facilities and areas just for nurses and doctors.

To date, the foundation has made donations totaling 637,143 euros in Honduras.

Since April, when the first donation was made, key projects include: installing the mechanical ventilation and air conditioning system in four COVID-19 rooms at the National Cardiopulmonary Institute (El Tórax); and the donation of health and medical equipment to the Colegio Médico de Honduras and several other hospitals in the country, such as Hospital María, San Felipe, Escuela and Hospital Regional Atlántida.