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Madrid 2,13 EUR -0,01 (-0,37 %)

ECONOMY | 01.04.2022

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MAPFRE AM receives the award for the “Best Solidarity Fund of 2021”

MAPFRE AM has won an award for its MAPFRE Compromiso Sanitario fund, a social impact fund launched with the objective of directing clients’ savings to the financing of a specific health assistance project in collaboration with the Community of Madrid.

Inflation comes the with effects of war baked-in and hits new high on a par with 1985

The latest macroeconomic data, heavily conditioned by the war, show that the recovery will be slower than expected. In fact, on top of aggravating factors like energy and the ongoing supply chain crisis, some experts already are already anticipating that price increase levels will reach double digits, at least in Spain.

Beware of false bargains

A significant fall in the share prices of certain companies doesn’t automatically translate into a buying opportunity, as Jonathan Boyar, CEO of Boyar Value Group, points out in Forbes, as”many of them may have been previously overvalued.”

What are guaranteed mutual funds?

Investors, faced with a situation of high uncertainty, tend to seek refuge through products that protect them from the swings and roundabouts induced by the market. Guaranteed funds have become a savings alternative for those who hold more defensive positions in the face of volatility.

GSI and MAPFRE impact fund closes five new investments

GSIF International, an investment vehicle advised by MAPFRE AM, has demonstrated how, through new investments in the last financial year, it’s possible to obtain a financial return while contributing to the development of a fairer society.

Álvaro Anguita: “We have already closed our first transaction in Latin America, and we are doing extremely well in Portugal”

As part of a new series of interviews called The MAPFRE AM Monthly Interview, in which we’ll present the different professionals working at the fund manager, Álvaro Anguita, the CEO of MAPFRE AM, takes a look back at his career and explains how recent events have affected the strategy of the asset management unit.

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