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Madrid 2,008 EUR -0,01 (-0,4 %)

ECONOMY | 04.03.2022

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The implications of war for the US stock market

Jonathan Boyar, CEO at Boyar Value Group, takes a look back at how past conflicts have affected US stock markets and notes that history has taught us that they tend to be resilient in turbulent times such as these.

First week of conflict: how the stock markets are reacting

The constant attacks from the Russian side do not seem to have affected the markets as much as experts had thought. Sanctions against the Kremlin have shown that we are facing an “economic war”, so investors will have to navigate uncharted territory.

What does insurance cover during a war? A journey through history

As the insurance industry expanded rapidly throughout the 20th century, it was often confronted with the challenge of how to cover wars. In this article, we explain how World War II forever changed war risk for insurance.

MAPFRE explains 2021 results to more than 120 shareholders

At the annual gathering of directors and shareholders, the first face-to-face meeting since the outbreak of the pandemic, Fernando Mata, chief financial officer and member of the Board, highlighted the return to a “sustainable dividend” of 14.5 cents per share.

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