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ECONOMY | 04.11.2021

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Can responsible investing be profitable?

COP26, the climate summit, is underway in Glasgow and sustainable finance or socially responsible investment will logically be one of the central topics of debate. Daniel Sancho, investment manager at MAPFRE Gestión Patrimonial, explains, during an appearance on the Ponte en Acción program on Negocios TV, that ESG investing “isn’t anything new, at least at MAPFRE, and it turns out that these kinds of investments yield healthy returns, more so than a traditional investment approach.”

MSG Entertainment, MSG Sports, and AMC Networks can be contenders: their stocks are cheap.

Jonathan Boyar, CEO of Boyar Value Group, offers his views in Barron’s on the companies controlled by New York’s Dolan family. MAPFRE AM US Forgotten Value, a fund that the fund manager manages jointly with the American expert, has a high exposure to the holding.

Market optimism will continue in the near term, but uncertainty grows for 2022

Growth, although weakening, remains robust, and companies are reporting relatively solid results despite the threat of inflation. This, together with liquidity support, which increased again in October, gives stock markets some support for the near term.

MAPFRE’s investment area boosts its profit by 23% thanks to the sale of funds and Unit Linked

The good performance of MAPFRE’s business is due, on the one hand, to the good performance of subscriptions, which grew by 38% in the period, as well as the incoming transfers of investment funds, mainly MAPFRE funds.

Luis García, named fund manager of the year

RankiaPro has distinguished the fund manager of the MAPFRE AM Behavioral Fund for “anticipating volatility and putting together a consistent portfolio with an eye on the long term” in a convulsive context such as the experienced since March 2020. The accumulates returns of more than 35 percent since its launch just three years ago.

Covid-19 puts emerging markets in a serious risk

The recovery at different speeds has highlighted the vulnerability of emerging economies compared to the more developed ones, which have been able to gradually open up their activity and mitigate the consequences of the crisis.

Transitory or permanent, how high will inflation go?

The rebound in the price level has alerted experts and analysts, since “it will be its temporary or permanent nature that will induce a type of monetary policy and financial market behavior”, according to MAPFRE Economics.

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