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Madrid 2,17 EUR 0,03 (+1,21 %)

ECONOMY | 21.10.2021

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When will the energy crisis end?

The seemingly unstoppable rise in oil and gas prices is overshadowing the upturn in inflation and opening the debate on the need to invest in clean energies and accelerate the energy transition. In Negocios TV, MAPFRE’s Ismael García Puente, investment manager and fund selector at MGP, discussed some key aspects behind the rise in commodity prices and possible solutions.

“The effects of the second round can already be felt in the industry and services”

Inflation has made its presence and its effects are beginning to be felt. Beyond the question of whether the upturn in prices will be long-lasting or not, there is now a debate as to whether it will end up putting pressure on central banks to change the course of their monetary policy. Ismael García Puente analyzes this phenomenon on Radio Intereconomía.

“The insurance industry is a mitigator of inflation”

Companies have started to update their accounts and investors will be watching closely to see if they can withstand the price increases in their margins. Fernando Mata, CFO and Member of the Board, participated in the XIV Companies that Create Shareholder Value forum, where he emphasized the role of insurance companies as guarantors of stability in an inflationary context.

The intangible is increasingly important to companies. How do we insure it?

Digital transformation is giving rise to new risks, so companies need greater protection. Intangible assets now represent about 90% of the total market value of S&P 500 companies and less than 20% of these types of assets are insured.

“Investors are keeping a close eye on how inflation is affecting corporate profits”

“The numbers are expected to be positive, and investors will be looking at how inflation is impacting on companies’ margins.”

U.S. debt ceiling debate delayed (but not over)

“Unfortunately, nothing has changed. Congress simply ‘kicked the can down the road,’ and another standoff will most likely occur in early December.”

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