Madrid 2,28 EUR -0,03 (-1,38 %)
Madrid 2,28 EUR -0,03 (-1,38 %)

ECONOMY | 30.09.2021

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How MAPFRE is investing in renewable energy in Spain

José Luis Jiménez, Chief Investment Officer at MAPFRE, explains in an interview with Insurance Investor the Group’s new renewable energy deal with Iberdrola and why social investing is a priority for the future.

The return of inflation?

Investors are receiving confusing signals about the temporality of current inflation. Gonzalo de Cadenas-Santiago, Executive Director at MAPFRE Economics, explains in El Confidencial that either of the two possible scenarios will condition monetary policy and the behavior of financial markets.

Challenging Milton Friedman: inflation is no longer strictly monetary

The famous economist claimed that inflation is a purely monetary phenomenon. However, while it is debated whether the recent upturn is transitory or not, some of the factors that are causing this change in trend could rather respond to political or regulatory issues that directly affect energy prices, the labor market and technological components.

Portfolio Diversification: key to critical market situations

In the wake of the Evergrande storm, high energy prices or the possible second-round effects on inflation, Daniel Sancho, head of investments at MGP, recommends that investors be clear about their investment horizon and that they design a diversified portfolio, both sectorally and geographically.

Evergrande: some calm and practical lessons

Alberto Matellán, chief economist at MAPFRE Inversión, outlines the different scenarios that may arise with the Chinese real estate giant and the impact it may have on both the economy and the financial markets. He also includes a series of recommendations for retail investors to face moments of uncertainty such as the current one.

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