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CORPORATE | 03.10.2020

MAPFRE temporarily modifies its working framework to increase flexibility due to the coronavirus epidemic

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The company is taking preventive measures in all affected countries

MAPFRE has this morning approved an action plan to make its employees’ working conditions more flexible in the regions of Madrid and the Basque Country, driven by preventive measures announced yesterday by various public administrations as a result of the coronavirus epidemic.

These measures include promoting remote working as a priority for parents with children under 12 years of age or children in special situations, as well as those with elderly dependents. Working hours will also be made more flexible to accommodate other situations, and leave and/or vacations will be granted.

These exceptional measures will be in force over the next fifteen days. These actions will be adapted in other regions in accordance with any future measures taken by the authorities.

Crisis Management and Business Continuity Plans

MAPFRE has been taking action since this crisis emerged in order to ensure the health and safety of its employees and clients, as well as the continuity of the service it provides to them. In recent weeks, the company has deployed its Crisis Management and Business Continuity Plans with the twofold objective of reducing the risk of contagion, and protecting employees, providers, and clients.

In addition to Spain, MAPFRE has adopted all official recommendations in the countries at risk where we have business or exposure. Among other prevention measures, employee travel to and from the affected areas has also been reduced and will be continued if more countries are at risk. The company is monitoring the latest news to ensure the necessary measures are implemented effectively.