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Madrid 2,182 EUR 0,01 (0,46 %)

CORPORATE | 04.08.2020


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As we face the challenges associated with COVID-19, at MAPFRE we are implementing measures to protect the health and safety of our employees, clients and other collaborators around the world. This is still our top priority.

Here are some of the measures we are taking:

For clients and providers

We’re allocating 115 million euros to support the employment of self-employed workers and SMEs in Spain.

60 million to subtract from their policy the part of their insurance premiums that cover professional activity during the State of Emergency period.

55 million to bring forward payments of invoices from the company’s providers that are being forced to stop or slow down their business activity due to COVID-19.

For employees and collaborators

At MAPFRE we are working from a position of responsibility, taking all necessary steps to support our clients, providing services and ensuring the health of our employees and collaborators at all times.

The main way of preventing risk is to encourage remote working as much as possible. Currently, around 30,000 MAPFRE employees are working from home. This measure ensures a minimum level of productivity over the coming weeks as we wait for the situation to improve globally and for the spread of the disease to be kept under control.

We have launched the “Sharing Skills” Campaign, which collects entertainment proposals from our own employees to make confinement more manageable.

For society

Fundación MAPFRE is allocating 35 million euros to creating jobs, helping families and supporting COVID-19 research in 27 countries.

This includes 20 million euros dedicated to acquiring medical and personal protective equipment for nursing homes and hospitals, the installation of emergency medical units and field hospitals, and for carrying out PCR diagnostic tests to detect COVID-19. Spain, Latin America and the United States are three of the regions that will receive this aid.

More than 5.5 million euros have been earmarked for creating jobs in Spain and providing advice to self-employed workers.

5 million euros are to be donated to the Spanish National Research Council in a bid to speed up medical research into COVID-19.


Micro-donations campaign with MAPFRE employees, open to the public. All employee donations will be matched by Fundación MAPFRE Funding will be centered on projects helping vulnerable elderly people who are at risk.

Development and manufacturing of ventilators

Fundación MAPFRE is financing the manufacture of a ventilator prototype, designed by The Open Ventilator, a team of Spanish researchers, with the support of Rey Juan Carlos University and Celera, which is soon to obtain authorization from the Agencia Española de Medicamentos y Productos Sanitarios (Spanish agency of medicines and medical products), allowing these low-cost, non-profit, operational ventilators to be mass produced.

Telephone/online psychological support for the families of those killed by COVID-19

Setting up a telephone and online advice line for the bereaved families of coronavirus victims.

A mutual fund to finance the purchase of healthcare equipment

Through fund manager MAPFRE Asset Management, MAPFRE has launched a three-year guaranteed mutual fund with a bond issued by the Madrid local government exclusively for the fight against COVID-19 as its underlying asset.

Extension of free SAVIA services

Making all SAVIA digital services available to everyone (clients and non-clients) in Spain free of charge, in particular online inquiries about coronavirus, and strengthening these services to guarantee maximum response capacity:

  • medical chat with medical specialists
  • instant or scheduled video consultations (with the option of online prescriptions) with physicians
  • doctors via telephone (call me back) and email
  • symptom assessor