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Raúl Costilla Prieto

Personal details:

Name and surname:

Raúl Costilla Prieto.

Date and place of birth:

January 13, 1972 in Zamora.


  • Agricultural Engineer. (University of Castilla-La Mancha).

Main positions:

  • CEO of MAPFRE VIDA (as of January 2021).
  • General Manager of the Business Development and Sales Area of MAPFRE Iberia (as of January 2021).

Other positions:

  • Deputy General Manager of MAPFRE ESPAÑA, Sales and Distribution Channels (2017–2020).
  • Business, Clients and Innovation Manager of the MAPFRE Iberia Regional Area (2017–2020).
  • General Manager, Northern Territory (2013–2016).
  • Chairman and General Manager of MAPFRE Puerto Rico (2005–2012).
  • Vice President of underwriting and sales, MAPFRE Puerto Rico (2004).
  • Regional Manager, MAPFRE Agropecuaria, Northwest (2001–2003).
  • Sales representative manager, MAPFRE Agropecuaria, Asturias (1997–2000).