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Madrid 2,228 EUR 0,03 (+1,55 %)


Our Annual General Meeting is a sustainable and carbon-neutral event

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The Annual General Meeting, which MAPFRE will be holding this Friday, March 15th, will be an event with sustainable certification, which means that its planning and development takes into account inclusive labor criteria and respect for diversity, as well as environmental protection.

It will also be carbon neutral, meaning that the insurance company will calculate the event’s carbon footprint, and the tons of CO2e emitted will be offset by financing a reforestation project to be undertaken in Spain.

AENOR is the entity responsible for certifying that the management system used for the 2024 Annual General Meeting complies with the requirements of the ISO 20121 standard for sustainable events.

Its objectives include promoting reduced consumption of resources such as water and energy, minimizing waste generation, and raising awareness of responsible consumption among attendees and the people involved. The company has also committed to driving inclusion, fostering equal opportunities and promoting accessibility. To achieve this, it has hired support staff following equality and inclusion criteria, introduced simultaneous translation and sign language, and ensured barrier-free access to people with reduced mobility.

MAPFRE has applied sustainability criteria in the selection and hiring of service providers for the event.


Online vote and hybrid event

The company has also established objectives aimed at strengthening transparency and dialogue among its stakeholders. To this end, the event will take place in person and online, making it accessible to all stakeholders, with online voting included. In addition, through its specific communication channels, (;, MAPFRE will respond to the queries and suggestions from the different stakeholders.

This video shows you how MAPFRE organized and held a sustainable Annual General Meeting.