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Madrid 2,204 EUR -0,02 (-0,81 %)

INNOVATION | 12.15.2022

MAPFRE Brazil and Nikolaus Steve Maack stand out as top innovators

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MAPFRE has received a new recognition in Brazil, having entered the ranking of the 100 most outstanding companies in the field of innovation in the insurance industry in Brazil. The company has been present in Brazil since 1992 and it is currently the second largest market for the group after Spain.

This ranking prepared by Insurtalks and Segbox, also includes the company’s most senior innovation supervisor in the country, Nikolaus Steve Maack, who, with 22 years of experience in the sector, is also responsible for boosting digital business, one of the company’s pillars, and for implementing the innovation strategy in the country within the framework of MAPFRE Open Innovation (Moi), the company’s global open innovation platform.

With a workforce of around 3 thousand employees, more than 7 million customers, and a leading position in agricultural insurance, MAPFRE has established itself as a strategic company in Brazil, the eighth country in the world with the greatest potential in the Life and Non-Life segments.

Brazil is one of the world’s hotspots for innovation.