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Madrid 2,216 EUR -0,02 (-1,07 %)

FINANCE | 01.14.2021

MAPFRE AM offers revamped benchmark beating Global Bond fund to private and institutional investors

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MAPFRE AM Global Bond Fund has made annualized returns of 6.6%*

Returns beat benchmark by more than 1 percentage points

Global Bond fund revamped through merger

MAPFRE AM, MAPFRE’s asset management unit, is merging two of its global fixed income funds with the intention of widening its distribution base to private and institutional investors.

The MAPFRE AM Global Bond Fund, a Global Fixed Income fund, and the Capital Investment Spain International Fund, managed by Amundi exclusively for MAPFRE companies since 1993, will merge maintaining the name of the former.

MAPFRE thus remains faithful to its co-investment model. “Our clients invest where we do, so we align their interests with ours, which conveys greater security and confidence,” says Álvaro Anguita, MAPFRE AM’s CEO. The aim is to convey a successful model to them, since this fund, which seeks investment opportunities in the different international bond markets, both sovereign and corporate, in developed and emerging markets, has obtained an annual net return of 6.68% since its inception, and has outperformed its benchmark by more than one percentage point. The evolution of the different currencies and the different duration bands play an important role in asset allocation.

The fund, which always maintains the investment grade in the credit rating of the assets in which it invests, joins the MAPFRE AM open ended investment unit. “We believe that the fund will be well received, not only among private investors, but also institutional investors, having a record track of more than 27 years and an accumulated profitability of more than 156% since its creation,” adds Anguita.

The investment company, domiciled in Luxembourg, has now a net worth of € 1 billion. The insurance Group’s fund manager opened this society in 2017 and currently distributes six investment funds, with a clear commitment to investing with social, environmental and governance (ESG) criteria. In this sense, MAPFRE AM has just achieved, after an exhaustive audit process, the ISR Label, a seal created and endorsed by the French Ministry of Finance, thus becoming the first Spanish fund manager to achieve this.