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ECONOMY | 17.03.2023

MAPFRE launches a 100 percent guaranteed fund for conservative customers that offers an annual return of 3 percent

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  • MAPFRE takes advantage of the rate hike margin to launch the most attractive offer on the market for this type of product.
  • Customers will receive 100 percent of the capital invested after 38 months, along with three coupons of 3.2 percent (equivalent to 3.01 percent APR).

MAPFRE, through MAPFRE AM, is expanding its range of products that protect or insure savers’ returns. This time around, it has chosen a new fund called FONDMAPFRE GARANTIA V, with a term of 38 months, that guarantees 100 percent of the capital invested and carries annual coupons of 3.2 percent (equivalent to 3.01 percent APR). It is the most attractive offer on the market for this type of product and is guaranteed by MAPFRE Inversión S.V., a company supervised by the Spanish National Securities and Exchange Commission and 100 percent owned by the insurance group, which currently has a credit rating of A- as per the main ratings agencies.

Customers will be able to avail of various liquidity windows without redemption fees, the first of which falls on November 16, thereby offering savers greater flexibility. “We are set to launch a series of guaranteed products in different formats. We’ve always been very active in the savings and investment domain, and because central banks are currently raising interest rates, we have room to offer the best alternatives for our customers,” says Álvaro Anguita, CEO of MAPFRE AM.

In this case, MAPFRE has opted to guarantee 100 percent of its customers’ capital. In September of last year, the group was the first to begin offering these products in this new economic cycle when it launched a retirement savings solution in the form of a pension plan, and it will continue to explore alternatives like this in the short term.

MAPFRE is the benchmark insurer in the Spanish market and leader in the Automobile, Homeowners, and Enterprise lines, among others, with more than 7 million customers, around 11,000 employees in Spain, and roughly 3,000 branches throughout the country that offer personalized advice to customers. MAPFRE has also created a digital platform, available through the MAPFRE AFIN mobile app, that enables users to make the best use of their savings, choose the most appropriate investment for them and monitor the evolution of products they invest in.