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CORPORATE | 09.26.2019

The company appoints new CEOs in Colombia, Chile, Ecuador and in the Central America subregión and the Dominican Republic

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From left to right, new CEOs in Colombia, Chile, Ecuador and in the Central AMerica subregión and the Dominican Republic: Pablo Andrés Jackson; José Óscar Ortega; Raphael Bauer and José María Romero. These appointments will come into force on January 1, 2020.

Pablo Andrés Jackson Alvarado is to become the CEO of MAPFRE COLOMBIA, a position currently held by José Carpio Castaño, who will continue his professional career at MAPFRE ESPAÑA. José Óscar Ortega González will take over as CEO of MAPFRE CHILE, replacing Miguel Barcia Gozalbo, who is retiring later this year. The new CEO of MAPFRE ECUADOR will be Raphael Bauer de Lima, replacing Roberto López Ruiz, who is retiring later this year. José María Romero Lora will be the new CEO of the Central America and Dominican Republic subregion. All these appointments will be ratified by the boards of directors of the companies in each of the countries.

Pablo Andrés Jackson Alvarado has a Diploma in Executive Business Management and Systems Analysis from the Santa Fe Community College in New Mexico, USA and the Wang Institute of Peru. He has extensive experience of the insurance market in Latin America, having held management positions in financial and insurance companies in Argentina, Mexico and Peru. In 2005 he joined MAPFRE in Peru as manager of the Group’s business units there, and since 2016 he has been the technical director of MAPFRE PERÚ.

José Óscar Ortega González has a Masters in Professional Insurance Management. He joined MAPFRE in 1995 in Spain, and was appointed assistant sales manager for the agency network in 2010. In 2012 he moved to Venezuela as sales manager for MAPFRE. He returned to Spain in 2015 to take on the role of business development manager at MAPFRE ESPAÑA, where he has since held various positions of responsibility, most recently his appointment in 2017 as assistant general manager of the agency network.

Raphael Bauer de Lima has an Executive MBA in Strategic Marketing and an MBA in Business Management (PDD-MAPFRE). He began his professional career at MAPFRE in 2000 in Brazil, where he held the position of sales manager, before moving to Spain in 2014 to continue developing his career. He has since held various positions of responsibility, including sales manager for the corporate segment in MAPFRE ESPAÑA and his current position of broker channel management and support manager at MAPFRE ESPAÑA,.

Finally, José María Romero Lora is a Business Administration graduate from the Universidad de Sevilla and received a Masters in Sales and Marketing Management from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. He began his professional career in the MAPFRE Group almost three decades ago, occupying different job positions in both the sales and technical areas. He served as territorial manager in both Cádiz-Ceuta and Extremadura. In 2016, he was appointed to his current position of sales director at MAPFRE MÉXICO.