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CORPORATE | 09.29.2016

New appointments in MAPFRE

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MAPFRE reduces its Board of Directors to 15, raises female representation on the Board to 27 percent and makes progress with both the generational replacement and diversity of its senior managemement

The Board of Directors of MAPFRE has approved the appointment of Antonio Núñez as first vice chairman of the Board and the Steering Committee, replacing Esteban Tejera, who will retire as a Group executive on December 31, 2016.

Catalina Miñarro has been appointed as external second vice chairwoman of the Board and the Steering Committee, replacing Antonio Núñez, and as independent coordinating director, replacing Rafael Beca in this last position, who is stepping down for personal reasons. Ms. Miñarro will now discharge two functions of extraordinary relevance, and means the company takes another stride forward in relation to gender equality.

Additionally, the Board has named Fernando Mata as executive director. Fernando is one of the Group’s most experienced managers, and takes on responsibility for Finance, (as CFO), in addition to coordinating the compliance, actuarial and risk functions.

Rafael Casas also joins Esteban Tejera and Rafael Beca in the cessation of his duties. Rafael, current CEO of LATAM, will step down as a director and member of the Steering Committee on his retirement as a Group executive on December 31, 2016.

Esteban Tejera, Rafael Beca and Rafael Casas will maintain their links to the Group as members of the Boards of Directors of Group subsidiaries, Esteban Tejera in particular, being nonexecutive chairman of MAPFRE RE.

With the incorporation of only one new executive director, the company’s plans to reduce the number of directors to 15, the maximum recommended by the Spanish National Securities and Exchange Commission (CNMV), have been advanced by two years.

Furthermore, the percentage of women making up the Board of Directors of MAPFRE rises to 27 percent, almost in line with the company’s 2020 objective of 30 percent.

In addition, Ana Isabel Fernández, who joined the Board of Directors of MAPFRE last July, has been named as a member of the Risks and Compliance Committee.


Changes in the executive committee

The following people have been appointed as members of the Executive Committee of MAPFRE, the company’s most senior governing body worldwide: Aristóbulo Bausela, territorial CEO for LATAM, Fernando Mata, new corporate general manager for finance and CFO, Elena Sanz, corporate general manager for HR, Jaime Tamayo, territorial CEO for INTERNATIONAL, Wilson Toneto, CEO of MAPFRE BRAZIL, and Alberto Berges, CEO of the Asistencia Unit.

The new executive committee comprises all of the company’s territorial and business units CEOs and general managers from all the corporate areas. In addition, this new arrangement enhances geographical diversity, with the entry of the CEOs from Brazil and North America, the two most relevant regions, together with Iberia, in terms of revenues. A woman manager has also been appoinited to this committee for the first time.


New management positions

Ignacio Baeza, third vice chairman of MAPFRE, has been named as CEO of the Global Risks Unit, replacing Alfredo Castelo, who takes on the role of CEO of MAPFRE USA.

Alberto Berges takes on the position of CEO of the Asistencia Unit, where he has already spent one year as COO.

José Manuel Corral, current deputy general manager for Business with MAPFRE in Spain, has been named as most senior executive for the the Corporate Business, Clients and Innovation Area.

Jose Luis Gurtubay takes on management of the Corporate Strategy Area, replacing Fernando Mata. This area will incorporate M&A management and will be named the Corporate Strategy and M&A Area, this last function already being under José Luis Gurtubay’s purview.

Ramón Carrasco, current risk manager for the company, has been named Group chief risk officer, (CRO).


Country appointments

Miguel Barcia, current CEO of MAPFRE URUGUAY, as CEO of MAPFRE CHILE, replacing Rodrigo Campero.

Marianne Delgado replaces Miguel Barcia as CEO of MAPFRE URUGUAY. She is currently Operations manager at MAPFRE VENEZUELA.

Zaida Gabas de Requena, current CEO of MAPFRE in Paraguay, has been named CEO of MAPFRE BHD in the Dominican Republic, replacing Luis Gutiérrez, who takes on the role of CEO of BB MAPFRE (Brazil).

Pierina Pumarol, current deputy general manager of the Technical Area of MAPFRE in the Dominican Republic, has been appointed CEO of MAPFRE PARAGUAY, replacing Zaida Gabas.

Todos estos nombramientos entran en vigor el 1 de enero de 2017.