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CORPORATE | 01.29.2016

MAPFRE’s 2016-2018 strategic plan focuses on profitable growth

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MAPFRE recently approved its strategic plan for the period 2016-2018 focused on profitable growth and based on the company’s traditional strengths.

The four major strategic lines behind the new plan are client orientation, digital transformation, excellent technical management, and the corporate culture and human talent.

El plan estratégico de MAPFRE 2016-2018 pone foco en el crecimiento rentable

Client orientation is the core strategy that justifies all the others. MAPFRE therefore focuses its work on meeting the needs of every single client, and is making great strides in the design of customized products and personalized management tailored to every client.

Digital transformation is closely connected to this aspect, and MAPFRE has launched nearly 200 projects that will enable the company to achieve the goal of adapting to this new reality.

These aspects, together with excellent technical management based on efficiency, will help the company become more competitive. Meanwhile, the corporate culture and human talent will provide a differentiating element that will not only allow employees to share knowledge but to put new ways of doing things into practice.

In addition to these four core strategies there is another vital element: innovation, which affects all processes and involves all employees.

These are the levers that MAPFRE will use to build its future and that will enable the company to continue growing in a profitable manner, creating employment and value for shareholders and society in general.

This video explains the key principles underpinning the MAPFRE 2016-2018 Strategic Plan: Focus on profitable growth.