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Madrid 2,204 EUR -0,02 (-0,81 %)

CORPORATE | 12.02.2022

MAPFRE RE increases capital by 250 million euros to boost growth

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MAPFRE’s reinsurance unit reinforces its operational capacity in a context of high demand for coverage

The Board of Directors of MAPFRE RE has agreed to raise the company’s capital by the amount of 250 million euros. The purpose of this transaction is to reinforce MAPFRE RE’s balance sheet so it will be able to offer greater reinsurance capacity to its clients in the market, while also giving it greater flexibility to structure its own reinsurance protections, thereby optimizing underwriting risk at a time when rising demand for coverage is driving rates upward.

Funding for the capital increase will be sourced internally, from surpluses resulting from MAPFRE’s recent exits from bancassurance agreements. This transaction is another example of how MAPFRE strives to enhance the Group’s capital allocation, facilitating further growth at those units with the greatest potential – as is currently the case in the reinsurance market – which will translate into improved profitability.

“We are going to have more capacity to provide coverage to our customers at a time when the presence of solvent operators with a vocation for long-term service is required, which will allow us to grow at a time of improved technical conditions in the market while maintaining our traditional prudent management of the business”, explained Eduardo Pérez de Lema, CEO of MAPFRE RE.

MAPFRE’s reinsurance unit is currently the second largest contributor to Group earnings, behind its Spain operation. Over the last 15 years, MAPFRE RE has contributed accumulated earnings after taxes of more than 1.7 billion euros to its parent group.

In the same period, the company registered an average ROE close to 11% and an average net combined ratio of 96%, despite including years of high catastrophic claims in the reinsurance sector.

Once the subscription period of the new shares is completed, MAPFRE estimates that its shareholding in MAPFRE RE will rise up to 94,43%.

MAPFRE RE is a global reinsurer and the reinsurance unit of the MAPFRE Group. MAPFRE RE offers reinsurance services and capacity, providing all kinds of treaty and facultative reinsurance solutions, in all Life and Non-Life branches. In 2021, it generated premium volume of 6.28 billion euros in 2021, with net attributable earnings of 152 million euros.

MAPFRE is the benchmark insurer in the Spanish market, the largest insurance group in Latin America and the sixth largest Non-Life carrier in Europe by premium volume. MAPFRE has nearly 32,500 employees and in 2021, the company earned 765 million euros on revenues of 27.3 billion euros.

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