Madrid 2,164 EUR 0,03 (+1,31 %)
Madrid 2,164 EUR 0,03 (+1,31 %)

CORPORATE | 04.29.2020

MAPFRE mobilizes over 200 million euros for the fight against coronavirus


Blanca Santos

This figure is boosted by an increase in protection for SMEs and the self-employed (up to 60 million euros), and by measures to maintain provider revenues (55 million euros), among other things.

MAPFRE continues to mobilize resources to protect the health of its employees, collaborators and clients in all countries where it operates; to assist economic recovery and job retention, especially for the self-employed, SMEs and its providers; and to provide resources, especially healthcare equipment, to the wider society to help overcome the effects of this pandemic.

This week saw the launch of the MAPFRE Compromiso Sanitario fund, which will provide 50 million euros for the health system in Madrid. Across Spain, the company increased its two main programs offering protection for its clients—mainly the self-employed and SMEs—and advancing payments for its providers. The self-employed and SMEs benefit from automatic discounts on their professional insurance renewals while the state of emergency persists, and other terms. The figure mobilized for this support has grown to 60 million euros. For providers strongly linked to MAPFRE and experiencing very low activity under the lockdown, the insurer is advancing payments now totaling 55 million euros.

The company has also assigned significant amounts to measures that support its intermediaries, and to expand the services available through the MAPFRE teCuidamos customer loyalty plan, including home telepharmacy, electronic equipment repair and office disinfection. In addition, it offers medical video consultation and chat services via its digital health platform, Savia, free of charge to all users, whether or not they are clients of the company. To date, nearly 50,000 clients have used these services for issues related to the pandemic.

As for Fundación MAPFRE, it is continuing its mass distribution of donated medical equipment worth close to 20 million euros, including ventilators, masks and other protective equipment for nearly 30 countries, mainly in Latin America.