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CORPORATE |05.04.2020

MAPFRE launches its plan for the gradual return to normality

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MAPFRE is developing a plan for its gradual return to offices, which will focus on employee safety. After more than six weeks, during which over 30,000 company employees worldwide have ensured continuity of service to clients by working from home, MAPFRE has launched a new phase of the process, involving some of its employees returning to the facilities in the coming weeks and months, while others continue to work remotely. This will mean that, over the coming months, most employees will continue to carry out their roles in remote working arrangements.

This return will logically be tailored to the circumstances of each country. It will be carried out in a phased manner, with the priority objective of preserving the most important aspect: the health of workers, intermediaries, collaborators and clients; ensuring, especially, the protection of vulnerable people.

The duration of the Plan shall be adjusted to what is decided by the authorities of each country. During this phase, referred to as Transitional Normality, a series of preventive measures will be set out to reinforce the safety of all employees in their job positions.

To ensure, as far as possible, that personnel return to work under the appropriate sanitary conditions, a health protocol will be developed to assess the situation of personnel with respect to this illness, which must be applied before they return to the facilities.   

In Spain, the remote working arrangement is maintained as a priority throughout this phase, especially for the following groups:

  • Workers who are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19.
  • Pregnant employees or those at risk during pregnancy.
  • Employees with children under 16 years of age or with children in special circumstances.


In the case of MAPFRE’s 10,000-plus employees in Spain, the plan will begin to be implemented gradually from May 11, initially until September, although its duration will depend on the evolution of the pandemic and the conditions to be determined. Yesterday, its execution was signed with the legal representation of workers in Spain.