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CORPORATE | 12.13.2018

MAPFRE reorganizes its management in Brazil and MAPFRE Asistencia, and reinforces its digitalization push with appointments at Verti in Spain and the USA, the UK and digital business

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MAPFRE’s Executive Committee has proposed a series of management appointments in various businesses that are aimed at underpinning its digitalization push and transformation of the company.

perez-serrabonafernandoThe Executive Committee has proposed the appointment of Fernando-Pérez Serrabona as the new MAPFRE CEO for the Brazil regional area, replacing Wilson Toneto. Fernando Pérez-Serrabona was until now CEO of SOLUNION, a joint venture credit insurance company, now also dealing in surety, which was created five years ago between MAPFRE and Euler Hermes to operate in Spain and Latin America.



The Committee has also proposed the appointment of Alberto Berges as new CEO of SOLUNION. Alberto Berges currently holds the post of CEO of MAPFRE Asistencia, the business unit specializing in global assistance and automobile and lifestyle protection solutions.


To replace Berges, the Committee has proposed Leire Jiménez as the new CEO of MAPFRE Asistencia. Jiménez has been CEO of INSUREANDGO, the leading online travel insurer in the UK, and ABRAXAS until now, as well as regional manager of Asistencia in EURASIA.



Irene García Sáez, currently CEO of Verti Spain, will take over as CEO of INSUREANDGO and ABRAXAS in the United Kingdom, within the Asistencia unit and will also become a member of MAPFRE Asistencia’s Management Committee.



The new CEO of Verti Spain will be Marcos García March, who has until now served as CEO of Verti in the USA and member of MAPFRE’s regional committee in the USA.



José Luis Bernal, currently heading up MAPFRE’s digital business area within the Corporate Business Support Area, will replace March in the USA. Bernal will at the same time lead MAPFRE’s digital business in North America and sit on the MAPFRE USA Management Committee.


Finally, Mónica García Cristóbal will take over Bernal’s current functions and assume the role of Chief Digital Business Officer within the Corporate Business Support Area. Mónica is currently the manager of Digital Technology in MAPFRE’s Corporate Technology and Processes Area.

These proposed appointments are subject to approval by the various governing bodies of the companies involved, and all of them will take effect as and from January