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CORPORATE | 11.11.2020

‘Escape room’ organized in Mexico to raise awareness of financial education

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Fundación MAPFRE has promoted this activity in collaboration with the Interactive Museum of Economics (Museo Interactivo de Economía — MIDE) as part of the 13th National Financial Education Week in Mexico (Semana Nacional de Educación Financiera — SNEF).

For Mexico’s National Financial Education Week, Fundación MAPFRE and MIDE joined forces to organize a virtual panel to raise awareness of the role that insurance has played in light of COVID-19. Led by Jesús Martínez, representative of the foundation in Mexico and Silvia Singer, director of the museum, the event highlighted the importance that has been placed on insurance as a means of support for dealing with any misfortune that may arise. It also highlighted the value of this topic in financial education.

Fundación MAPFRE, committed to this area of activity in which it operates, has created a Virtual Escape Room to test players’ financial knowledge, as well as their awareness of the decisions they make every day that relate directly to saving and planning for the future. At the end of the competition, participants are entered into a prize draw for three gift cards, each worth around 125 euros (3,000 Mexican pesos).

In the context of the current pandemic, in which health is now of the utmost importance, the insurance industry has learned a great deal about the importance of prevention, a subject that must be dealt with at a cultural level. Moreover, this health crisis has brought about a change of priorities in society, because in the face of insufficient and saturated public health systems, having insurance provides greater peace of mind when it comes to taking care of oneself and one’s family.

To foster a culture of saving and prevention that is currently scarce in Mexican society, financial education is undoubtedly an essential matter. It would allow Mexicans to identify opportunities to improve their financial position and to reap greater support in the face of unexpected situations such as the pandemic.

Fundación MAPFRE continues to foster spaces for reflection and education in the countries in which it is present, enabling societies to expand financial knowledge and find solutions that lead to greater social well-being. The idea of an escape room has recently been tested in other countries. In total, there are four tests that test the knowledge of adult participants in the following fields: types of policies, social insurance contribution, personal finances and responsible consumption. There are tests that identify the age at which they should start saving and the benefits of planning purchases, looking at labels and buying local products.