Madrid 2,17 EUR -0,07 (-3,13 %)
Madrid 2,17 EUR -0,07 (-3,13 %)

CORPORATE | 02.11.2021


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The Board of Directors has agreed to propose to the Annual General Meeting a final dividend of 7.5 euro cents gross per share against the results for the 2020 period.

This proposal, which represents a drop of one cent with respect to the final dividend paid the previous year, represents a decision based on an exhaustive and reflective analysis of MAPFRE’s situation and the uncertainties arising from the pandemic, and the wish to not compromise its future solvency or the protection of its insureds, and has been made in line with the recommendations of the relevant supervisory bodies. The General Directorate for Insurance and Pension Funds (EIPOA) has issued a “no objection” response to the proposed dividend.

Consequently, the total dividend charged against the 2020 result for the period amounts to 12.5 euros gross per share, representing a payout of 73.1 percent. MAPFRE will pay its shareholders a total of 385 million euros against the 2020 results.

The dividend yield for the 2020 fiscal year, based on average trading price, is higher than 8 percent.