Social footprint: social value, shared value

Social Footprint

At MAPFRE, we are concerned about the social footprint of our activity and we understand that to be relevant in the long-term, we must continue to develop our business while also promoting people's well-being. One of the objectives of or Corporate Social Responsibility Policy is to convey the social value that we generate in each of the territories where we are present. We do this by reconciling the company's social value with the value of the not-for-profit activities we carry out, primarily through Fundación MAPFRE.

The table below illustrates MAPFRE's most important social contributions, aligned with the corporate map of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

Contribution of the business and as an Investor

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The direct economic impact generated by insurance activities through the constant flow of transactions (premium payments, benefit payments, investment, management, etc.).

Of the consolidated revenues of more than 27.9 billion euros generated in 2017 (27.1 billion euros in 2016), MAPFRE made economic contributions to society in general via multiples payment types, which are detailed below.

Item 2017
Benefits paid (1) 16,457.5
Payments to providers (2) 6,346.5
Salaries and other (3) 1,541.7
Activity subtotal 24,345.7
Dividends (4) 1,019.5
Shareholders subtotal 1,019.5
Net income tax payment 497.8
Social security 243.2
Public administrations subtotal 741.0
Interest paid 67.9
Financing subtotal 67.9
Total 26,174,1

Figures in millions of euros
(1) Benefits paid and related expenses of accepted direct insurance and reinsurance.
(2) Includes payment of commissions and other activity services.
(3) Salaries amounted to 1,234.9 million euros in 2017 (1,211.8 million euros in 2016).
(4) Dividend payments made during the year.

Item 2017
Other investments 1,437.3
Funds under management (third- party) (5) 39,004.9
Total investments 44,691.2
Financial investments 42,003.2
Fixed income 36,961.0
- Issued by governments 27,388.4
- Other fixed-income securities 9.572,6
Other financial investments 5.042,2
Property investments (6) 1,250.7

Figures in millions of euros
(5)  Technical provisions for Life, pension funds, mutual funds and managed portfolios, before shadow accounting adjustments
(6)  Excluding real estate for own use.


  • Startup Observatory: Monitoring of the insurtech/fintech ecosystem to establish partnerships with key companies.
  • Exploration of new startup models and participation in acceleration processes.
  • 76 insurance products and services launched on the market in 2017.
  • 18 products and services targeted at low-income groups.

Climate Change

  • 11 environmental products and services.
  • More than 20,700 policies issued with coverages related to environmental aspects.
  • In Spain, 16 roadside assistance providers use electric vehicles equipped with different charging systems for use with policyholders' electric cars.
  • Measurement and control of the Group's carbon footprint.
  • Promotion of environmental responsibility: In the last year, more than 11,000 employees received environmental training in Spanish, and 584 in English and Portuguese.
  • MAPFRE's head office in Spain has a charging system for employees' electric cars.

Contribution as a corporate citizen

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Direct / Indirect employment

  • 36,271 direct jobs, with 96.7 percent of employees on permanent contracts.
  • More than 84,000 agents, delegates and brokers work with MAPFRE..
  • More than 139,000 providers with which MAPFRE maintains a commercial or service relationship.

Training and Internships

  • 20.8 million euros invested (1.3 percent of payroll expenses in 2017).
  • More than 430 agreements with educational institutions and universities for completing internships with the company.
  • In 2017 more than 1,200 interns from 31 countries completed internships with the Group.

Gender Diversity

  • 38.8 percent of employees in management/middle-management positions are women.
  • 53 women occupy senior management positions or positions on Boards of Directors.
  • The MAPFRE S.A. Board of Directors includes four women, representing 26.7 percent of its members.

Functional Diversity

  • The Global Disability Program is implemented in 28 countries.
  • 768 employees with disabilities work in 31 countries (120 joined in 2017).
  • Donations to employment/labor inclusion projects totaled 333,843 euros.
  • Contracts for the provision of services signed with special employment centers totaled 250,687 euros.
  • Support for labor inclusion programs through Fundación MAPFRE.

Cultural Diversity

  • 81 nationalities work together within the Group.
  • The corporate areas are staffed with employees from 18 countries.
  • 82.4 percent of senior management and executives who in the Group's companies outside Spain are hired locally. 
  • International mobility is actively promoted. In 2017, 108 employees were posted to another country.

Generational Diversity

  • Generation Z: 2,155 employees.
  • Generation Y: 12,361 employees.
  • Generation X: 14,945 employees.
  • Baby Boomers: 5,992 employees.
  • Veterans: 818 employees
  • PGlobal Trainee Program to promote young talent, including 15 young people from 9 nationalities.

Healthy and Safe Company

  • 74.8 percent of the workforce is represented in joint management-employee health and safety committees, which have been set up to help monitor and provide advice on this matter.
  • 262 health awareness campaigns were conducted in 2017.
  • 24-hour blood driv.

Work-Life Balance Measures

  • More than 32,000 employees benefit from some form of work-life balance measure: flexi-time, part-time, reduced workday, telecommuting, paid and unpaid leave, leave of absence for personal or study purposes, reintegration programs for employees following a protracted leave of absence.


  • More than 6,700 MAPFRE volunteers take part in the Fundación MAPFRE volunteering program.
  • More than 1,200 activities undertaken in assistance and environmental programs.
  • More than 93,000 direct beneficiaries.

For further details of the social programs which MAPFRE undertakes through Fundación MAPFRE, see the Annual Report 2018, available on the Foundation's website.