Definition and Objectives of Our Social Responsibility

Definition and objectives of our social responsibility (CSR Policy)

MAPFRE's social commitment is reflected by our model for the creation of sustainable value, which is aligned with our vision, mission and values and with the Institutional, Business and Organizational Principles of the MAPFRE Group, and integrated in our business via the group's CSR Policy and Sustainability Plan 2016-2018, approved by the MAPFRE Board of Directors. This commitment is made manifest through the following three axes, which interact as one within the MAPFRE business model

Sustainable Value Creation Model

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  • To guarantee compliance with all legal obligations and commitments made in the CSR field.
  • To promote ethical behavior in organizational management and business development.
  • To ensure transparency, as a way of conveying and generating trust and credibility with our stakeholders.
  • To maintain corporate governance practices based on ethics, business transparency and diversity.
  • TOOL: Code of Ethics

  • To establish equitable relationships with stakeholders, mainly those included in the company's mission statement.
  • To manage the commitments acquired by signing the company up to both international and local initiatives that are considered benchmark sustainable development projects.
  • To assume the impact generated by the Group's activity on society and the environment, through proper managemente of environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks.
  • To promote the Group's active involvement in environmental issues in order to help preserve the environment within which it operates.
  • To be transparente about the CSR activity, reporting annually on the performance of initiatives in this field, using international standards for this puspose.
  • TOOLS: CSR Policy and Sustainability Plan 2016-2018

  • To be clear about the Group's role in society. Beyond its commercial activity, MAPFRE promotes and collaborates in general interest not-for-profit activities, chiefly carried out by Fundación MAPFRE.
  • TOOLS: Fundación MAPFRE's social footprint and activities.