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Solidarity for all


MAPFRE has a corporate volunteering program which is integrated into its human resources and sustainability strategies and aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This program has been implemented in 28 countries through Fundación MAPFRE.

More than one thousand activities have taken place on topics such as education, nutrition, health and emergency relief that have impacted the lives of over 160,000 people. Around 5,000 volunteers have participated, including our employees and their families. We are very proud that more than 12 percent of our workforce have collaborated on the volunteering program.

Other solidarity actions

In addition, employees collaborate on other social projects such as “Stronger Together,” which is an initiative through which employees can donate one euro/dollar per month from their payroll to a social project that they themselves have chosen, with the commitment that, for every euro/dollar donated, MAPFRE will contribute another.

Over 6,300 employees participate in this project, which in Spain is known as “Euro Solidario” (“The Solidarity Euro”) and in the United States is referred to as the “Together We Give Program.”