Climate change

Climate change

Mitigation of and adaptation to climate change must be one of the priorities of official bodies, companies and society in general, with the objective of transforming the current economy into a decarbonized economy. To this end, and as a Global Insurance company, we play a very important role in contributing to how climate change is managed, by researching, understanding and sharing our knowledge in this scenario.

Therefore, MAPFRE adopts a series of commitments in its strategy, related to the mitigation and adaptation to Climate Change, with public objectives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which require the definition and implementation of actions aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of its activity.

The execution of these commitments requires the participation of different specialized technical areas of the Group, which are coordinated through the following corporate work groups:

  • Eco-efficiency Work Group:
    Measures are implemented for managing consumption, applying new technologies, managing subsidies, certifying sustainable architecture, etc.
  • Mitigation and Adaption to Climate Change Work Group:
    Definition of risks and opportunities of climate change, response to corporate commitments with international organizations and sustainability indexes.
  • Mobility and Road Safety Work Group:
    Application of sustainable mobility criteria relating to the environment and a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions arising from travel to the workplace and relating to the company's activities.

In addition, we are signatories of the Paris Pledge for Action initiative, signed by some of the leading companies worldwide at the Paris Summit (COP21) and members of the Geneva Association, a think tank that groups the world's top insurance companies and which has created a work group that is specifically dedicated to the contributions the insurance sector can make to prevent climate change.

Every year, MAPFRE participates in the "Carbon Disclosure Project" rating that recognizes the work of the world's most committed companies in the fight against climate change, with the purpose of assessing our performance and transparency in this area.