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Treatment of Personal Information.

MAPFRE TECH, S.A. a Spanish company with domicile at Carretera de Pozuelo de Alarcón, 52, Majadahonda-28222 Madrid (Spain) is the owner of the website, and is responsible for the files generated with personal data provided by users through this web site. 

The user declares that she/he is over 18 and shall remain fully responsible for this declaration and for the correct use and access of the web site, subject to the following Terms of Use.

The user authorizes MAPFRE TECH, S.A. to treat personal data that she/he voluntarily provides through forms, tariff calculators for the calculation of insurance, e-mail messages or through any other electronic means, as well as data used for entering into an agreement, data provided during the validity of the contract, data collected through the recording of phone conversations, and those data generated by the user' s browsing through the website for: 

  • Offering the user a more customized browsing.
  • The processing, follow-up and management of any contract application and/or ulterior agreement with any of the different affiliates of the Group as well as any other additional information application sent  to MAPFRE TECH, S.A.
  • The fulfillment of the insurance contract.
  • The remittance of newsletters in advance of the subscription by the user through the Subscription Area. 
  • The remittance of information and advertising, even if it is by electronic means, about offers, products, recommendations, services, promotions, gifts and loyalty campaigns of the different affiliates of the Group in charge of its marketing; the extraction, data storage and marketing studies for the purpose of adjusting our commercial offers to her/his particular profile, both whether the operation is official or the existing contract terminates; the conduction of surveys, statistics or market trend analysis and raffles. In case the user is the winner, the company shall be authorized to publish these data in the website, as well as to treat and transfer these data to the Administration with the purposes of making the payment to the user's account with income tax deductions.
  • The development of statistical studies and quality control studies.
  • Fraud prevention associated with the risk selection and accident management.
  • The development of accident analysis.

The user acknowledges that her/his data can exclusively be transferred for the above mentioned purposes to insurance companies, reinsurers, financial or real estate companies, home repair services companies, car companies or personal assistance companies for providing their services to user of the Group MAPFRE , its affiliate or participated companies, as well as to other individuals or legal persons that additionally carry out any of the above mentioned activities, and those with which the different companies of the Group enter into an agreement of collaboration, even when the transfer implies an international data transfer, always pursuant to the current Spanish legislation of Data, without necessarily being informed of every first transfer made to the referred assignee.

All personal data is treated in the strictest confidence, not being accessible for third parties for purposes other than those for which it has been authorized.

The created files are under the supervision and control of MAPFRE TECH, S.A., pursuant to the regulations established by Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, of Personal Data, as well as pursuant to the applicable legislation.

The user shall be responsible in any case for the accuracy of the data provided. In addition, S.A. reserves its right to exclude any user providing false information from the registered services, without prejudice to any other legal actions applicable under the Law.

Any registered user shall be able to freely exercise their rights of access, modification, opposition and cancellation of the personal data they provided through the web site, by sending a written notice addressed to MAPFRE's Corporate Office for Data Protection and Privacy, at Carretera de Pozuelo de Alarcón, 52, Majadahonda-28222 Madrid (Spain) or to any offices with the reference “DERECHOS ARCO-”. In the event that the user decides to exercise their rights exclusively associated with the mandatory data for the electronic newsletter subscription made through the Subscription Area, the user shall be able to exercise these rights by clicking the following link: cancel my subscription.

It is understood that the user acknowledges and accepts the above established terms of by clicking the button located in the data collection forms.

Web pages browsing.

MAPFRE TECH, S.A., gathers data from its visitors. The collected data are as follows:

  • a)The domain name of the Internet provider that grants access to the network. For example, a user using the provider shall be identified with the domain name This way, we can create statistics of the most countries and servers that visit our website.
  • b) The date and time of access to our website. These data allows us to know the peak hours and make all necessary adjustments in order to prevent access problems.
  • c) The Internet address where the link that links to our website started. These can allow us to know the efficiency of the different buttons and links that point our server, with the purpose of boosting those buttons and links that offer the best results.
  • d)The number of daily visitors of every section. These data allow us to know the most interesting areas, and add or remove their contents, so that users can find the best results.
  • e) This website is measured by Google Analytics and Adobe Digital Marketing Suite. These solutions use page markers and anonymous cookies for the analysis of our web pages activity. You can find more detailed information about Google Analytics privacy policy at!privacypolicy.html and Adobe Digital Marketing privacy polity at

Browsing with cookies.

This website uses cookies, or computer files, which are stored in your device during browsing and which usually contain a number to identify your device.

In general, the following types of cookies are used:

  • Based on their expiration:
    • Session: These expire at the end of the session.
    • Persistent: These do not expire at the end of the session.
  • Based on their origin:
  • Origin: Enabled by the website you are browsing.
  • Third party: From other websites.
MAPFRE TECH, S.A. may use cookies in its website for the following purposes:

1. Analytics cookies

These gather usage statistics. For example, they analyze the number of users who visit the site, the number of pages they visit, what kind of activity they perform on the site, and how often they visit.

The information is always anonymous so there is no possibility of establishing a link between the information and the physical person it concerns. 

2. Authentication cookies

These are used by the website to maintain the user's session during each visit. They are mainly found in private areas of the site that require a login username and password. 

3. Social media cookies 

These allow you to share information of interest with your contacts in a social network by checking the corresponding plug-in option embedded in the website.

Plug-ins store and access the cookies in your terminal and allow the social network to identify its users when these interact with the plug-ins. 

4.Cookies used by external additional content

These cookies are stored by third parties and are not necessary for the provision of any type of service.

This category includes, among others, multimedia player software cookies used to store technical data for the streaming of video and audio content, such as image quality, data loading parameters, etc.

5. Third-party cookies for the personalization of advertising space

These are stored by third parties and enable them to manage the advertising space that users see when they log into the website.

Except for analytics cookies, the use of cookies affects your privacy because in general they make it possible to link their content to the IP connection address and your other personal data, such as any details voluntarily provided to the site.

By accepting this privacy policy and cookies notice, you consent to the generation of cookies for the aforementioned purposes.

However, if you subsequently wish to delete the cookies that have been stored in your computer and that require your consent, you may do so using the tools provided for this purpose by your browser. Click on the following links to obtain additional information about this operation:


MAPFRE TECH, S.A., accepts no liability whatsoever for the information contained in this website that comes from sources other than MAPFRE's or for the contents not elaborated by MAPFRE.

The function of the links included in this website is exclusively to inform users of the existence of other information sources related to the subject on the Internet. These sources shall be able to extend the information included in this website. MAPFRE TECH, S.A., accepts no liability whatsoever for the results obtained through said hyperlinks.


All rights reserved. It is strictly forbidden, prior written authorization by the copyright owners, to reproduce, distribute, convert, manipulate, disclose or any other actor form of exploitation, whether or not for payment of free of charge, of the text, images or any other contents included in this website.

MAPFRE TECH, S.A. reserves the right to make changes. Vary, delete or cancel the contents and the way they are presented as may be necessary, at any given moment and without prior or not these changes are temporary or final. The user shall make sure of using the updated version at any time. This does not grant users any cause or right to receive compensation for damages or loss.