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Functional diversity

We foster a diverse and inclusive culture, without any generational, cultural or gender barriers. We believe in a society in which people are the most important aspect. Diversity makes us unique.

In terms of functional diversity, our challenge is:

  • To further develop a workplace that is conducive to integrating people with disabilities. ¥ To further develop a workplace that is conducive to integrating people with disabilities.
  • To be a benchmark employer for people with disabilities.
  • To be a benchmark employer for people with disabilities.
  • To remove barriers identified for the integration of people with disabilities.
  • To increase the number of people with disabilities at the company.
  • To improve quality of life for people with disabilities, both employees and their family members.

In 2021, 3.5 percent of our workforce was comprised of people with some form of disability.

MAPFRE has signed up to the 10 principles of the Diversity Charter, an initiative promoted by the Fundación Diversidad in Spain with the aim of promoting diversity management, leveraging it as an instrument of cultural transformation which, according to said foundation, favors inclusive work environments, facilitates social progress and enhances economic competitiveness.


We have a corporate volunteering program integrated into the human resources and sustainability strategies that is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals. This program has been implemented in 28 countries through Fundación MAPFRE.

Last year, more than 1,391 activities were carried out on topics such as education, nutrition, health and emergency response that have impacted the lives of over 169,000 people. Around 4,247 volunteers have, including our employees and their families. We are very proud that more than 12 percent of our workforce has collaborated on the volunteering program. In Spain, this program obtained the certificate for management from the Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification (AENOR).

In the United States, volunteers have received recognition from Webster Public Schools, the Worcester Community Action Council, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Senate, and the Best Buddies Spirit of Inclusion Award has also been awarded for the dissociative identity disorder adult training program, in which volunteers have served as mentors.
In China, volunteers have been recognized by the Changning Special School.

In addition, employees collaborate on other social projects such as Solidarity Euro in Spain, and Dollar for Dollar in the United States, two initiatives that offer employees the opportunity to donate a euro or dollar from their paycheck each month to a social project, with MAPFRE matching their contribution.