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Circular Economy

The transition to a circular economy is a major global challenge. The main objective is to rationalize consumption of natural resources, and so contribute to reducing the environmental impact of economic activity.

At MAPFRE, we have created a specific working group focused on circular economies, developed as part of the Sustainability, to address this topic from both an internal and a business perspective.

From the perspective of internal management, we are prioritizing the use of sustainable materials, the promotion of responsible consumption and the proper management of waste. An example of this is CESVIMAP, the MAPFRE Road Safety and Experimentation Center, which is a globally renowned technology center for the design, insurance, use, maintenance, repair and recycling of vehicles and other mobility solutions for both people and machine.

We have achieved the objective of certifying the company’s registered office under the Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification’s (AENOR) Zero Waste standard by 2021, which includes actions to combat food waste, despite this not being a significant issue for MAPFRE.

We are playing our part.