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Population aging is one of the greatest challenges of our times. The continuing decline in birth rates, together with the increase in life expectancy, is shaping an important demographic transition in the history of humankind.

Like all the major changes facing society, increasing longevity will bring enormous challenges to social organization and the institutions that sustain it. However, this trend also provides opportunities to revitalize the economy and society. An aging population can trigger a process of transformation and innovation that shapes the society and economy of the future.

Ageing Project

Our workforce is made up of workers from five generations. We work to further develop a workplace that encourages people from different generations to collaborate so that everyone can contribute and enrich each other’s work with their different perspectives.

The Ageing Project, launched in 2019, aims to promote a workplace for older people, taking into account the challenges faced in terms of organization and profiles, professional development, labor flexibility models, social protection, health and well-being, and awareness, among others.