FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE is a non-profit institution created by MAPFRE in 1975 whose main purpose is to contribute to the well-being of society and its citizens through five specific areas.

It cooperates with a large number of public and private, national and international institutions, NGOs, museums, foundations and associations whose goals are compatible with our Foundation.

FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE is the result of the merging of different Foundations created by MAPFRE to channel, in a specialized way, the company's socially-responsible activity toward society.

In January 2006 the different Foundations which were undertaking a wide range of different activities, were merged into one, giving rise to what is now FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE with an increased responsible commitment toward society while maintaining their initial goals:

  • Safety of people and their assets, with a special focus on road safety, prevention and health.
  • Improve people's quality of life.
  • Diffusion of culture, the arts and literature.
  • Promote training and research in topics related to insurance and social protection.
  • Research and spreading of knowledge relating to the common history of Spain, Portugal and those countries linked to them by historic ties.
  • Improvement of economic, social and cultural conditions of the most disadvantaged people and sectors of society.  

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