Areas where you can work

Areas where you can work

MAPFRE's team is formed by professionals with a wide variety of academic profiles and who have experience in very different areas. These are the functional areas where you can work in our Group, and the general features of the candidates we're seeking for each one:

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These are highly qualified professionals with experience in managing MAPFRE's administrative and financial activity who can take the management of the company's risks to even higher levels of excellence. They are responsible for supervising our investments, pursuing high returns, and improving our accounts.

They are our voice when speaking to our clients. They're responsible for resolving queries with a high standard of excellence. They advise and serve clients politely and in a friendly way, and take pains to offer the MAPFRE solution that is best suited to them.

Auditors are responsible for permanently assessing the company's operations to seek out formulas to improve its control mechanisms and internal procedures. They supervise our operations from a critical and constructive approach, and contribute value to MAPFRE.

They are a fundamental part of MAPFRE because the growth of our company depends on them. They consider the clients' needs and come up with innovative solutions tailored to each one.

They are responsible for transmitting MAPFRE's value, both at the internal level among the employees and collaborators, and at the external level by liaising with the print, online, radio and television media.

They are responsible for carrying out all our legal commitments, representing MAPFRE in all areas, and defending our interests whenever necessary.

They are responsible for ensuring that our clients, and society as a whole, are aware of the value of our products and services and can perceive the positive difference represented by being a MAPFRE client. And they're fundamental to the growth of our business.

They ensure that MAPFRE's social commitment is materialized in specific projects that have a positive impact on the places where we carry out our activity. They are responsible for safeguarding our reputation and making us known to our clients.

The well-being of satisfaction of the whole of MAPFRE's workforce is in their hands. They are responsible for attracting the best talent and retaining the best professionals in our Group, helping them grow in their careers inside our company.

Their mission is to guarantee the security of our facilities and the Group's data, and they work on a daily basis to improve the measures and comply with this objective. They are concerned with the impact of our activity on the environment and devise new ways to reduce our environmental footprint.

This is the core of MAPFRE's activity. These are analytical profiles that are extremely demanding and who must be familiar with the insurance industry, capable of underwriting and issuing insurance policies. Their activity involves calculating and analyzing actuarial tables, processing claims and providing professional services.

Their mission is to pursue the quality of the Group's technology services by optimizing processes and streamlining the technological changes that make MAPFRE such an innovative company.