Professional Areas

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A great variety of professionals with different academic profiles make a career at MAPFRE, mainly working in the following areas:

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This area is responsible for underwriting and issuing insurance polices, calculating and analyzing actuarial tables, processing claims and providing professional services.

In addition to managing administrative and financial activities, this area is responsible for managing the company's risks and safeguarding its investments.

This area audits internal procedures.

In addition to providing legal advice on every sphere of activity, this area represents and defends the company in legal proceedings.

This area is responsible for selecting, organizing, training, developing, evaluating and remunerating the company's human resources while looking after their health and well-being.

This area coordinates the Group's internal and external communications.

The function of this area is to raise public awareness about the value of the products and services marketed by the company, thus helping to drum up more business.

This area's task is to maintain the security of the Group's facilities and data while respecting the environment. 

The call center deals with and advises clients by telephone.