Grow with us

Grow with us

Internship program at MAPFRE

At MAPFRE we believe in young talent. We've created the "Grow with us" program to give students their first opportunity in the workplace, where we support them in their training and development.

We have agreements with over 500 universities and business schools around the world. Contact your academic institution to see about an internship in a leading company like MAPFRE.

That's "Grow with Us"

Some of the young college students who have taken up internships in MAPFRE's offices around the world tell you about their experience of working in a groundbreaking company.

Carla Macedo
"The Internship Program paves the way for you with training in various fields"

Carla Macedo (Brazil)  She was an intern at BB MAPFRE and is currently an analyst in the Strategic Planning Division. 
Carlos Martín Sancho

"The internship allowed me put the knowledge acquired at university into practice"

Carlos Martín Sancho (Spain) He did his internship in the Non-Life actuarial area. He now works in MAPFRE's Internal Control Department in Spain.

Brenda Angélica Moreno
"I am ready for any challenge in the workplace" 

Brenda Angélica Moreno (Mexico) Business Administration student. She did her internship in MAPFRE MEXICO.